Ethiopia’s economy is expected to overtake Kenya’s this year, buoyed by massive government spending on infrastructure that has kept the Horn of Africa nation in the list of the world’s fastest economies in the past 10 years. The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) latest statistical estimates indicate that Ethiopia’s gross domestic […]

Ethiopia to Overtake Kenya as Eastern Africa’s Top Economy

1.Master the product You MUST know everything about the product. Use it! Demo it! Know it! 2. Profile your client Know your ideal client and what they expect from you, your product and your company. Don’t waste time on clients that don’t fit. Prospect wisely. 3.Process matters Study after study […]

7 Habits of Salesmasters

The value of luxury homes in Nairobi has shot up by 40 per cent over the last five years as more wealthy individuals opt to invest in the real-estate sector, a new report by property management firm Knight Frank shows. Prices of prime residential properties, however, only grew by 2.1 […]

Value of Luxury Homes in Nairobi Rises By 40% in ...