Here are a few tips to help maximize what time you do have to vacate your premises. 1. Gather your tools Pick a place to be your packing station so you don’t waste time constantly wandering the house, hunting for your Sharpie or the right-sized box. Stock it with plenty […]

7 Tips for Packing and Moving Quickly

There’s no online calculator for setting the perfect listing price for your home. It takes experience, market savvy, and even a bit of psychology. A strong listing agent can help you set the right, most competitive price for your home. Here are a few things they might look at: 1. […]

4 Things Agents Consider When Setting Listing Prices

When the topic is listing presentations, Cheryl Fairbanks is the expert. By her estimate, she leaves 95 percent of her listing appointments with a signed contract. “Sellers want to know two things: if there’s anything they need to do to sell their home, and how much they will get,” she […]

7 Simple Steps to Winning the Listing Battle

New Year’s resolutions, plans, goals, declarations and intentions — I’ve tried them all. What they have in common is that they work, right up to the point when they don’t. Which is why I long ago gave up on resolutions, feeling that a single misstep saps courage and wipes out […]

Ditch your New Year’s resolutions and set 3 realistic money ...