While house hunting TV shows tour the neighborhood, close the deal and throw a housewarming party in 30 minutes, real life is not as streamlined. If you’re in the process of buying a home, here are signs it’s time to call a realtor. 1. You believe everything on the internet […]

Buying a Home? 4 Signs It’s Time to Call An ...

Nairobi’s expanding Runda suburb has been named among the global real estate hotspots most likely to attract dollar millionaires keen to buy property in 2017. The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2017 says that while the estate has been expanding northwards beyond the Northern Bypass, it is retaining value with expatriates […]

Runda Suburb Named Property Hotspot for Kenya’s Super Rich

US tech giant Facebook has switched on its low-cost Internet in Nairobi, stepping up competition for telecommunication firms which earn significant revenue from users of the social networking site. ‘Express Wifi’ by Facebook, which is a joint project with Surf, a local Internet service provider, went live in Nairobi and […]

Facebook Takes On Telcos with Low-Cost Internet in Nairobi

5 Things You Should Love About Your Home Before You Commit
You swoon at the curb appeal and your heart flutters at the sight of the kitchen countertops, but is the home you’re considering buying really “The One”? Before you make an offer, be sure you love these six, hard-to-change things about your potential new place. 1. Square footage Too small […]

5 Things You Should Love About Your Home Before You ...

Rodents always try to move into your home. They don’t just gnaw holes into walls and floors and destroy wiring, they can also bring in germs and disease. Follow these tips to help keep them out. 1. Prevention is the best defense Don’t keep favorite rodent hangouts like trash cans and […]

8 Tips for Keeping Out Rodents