Every seller wants to get the best deal for their house, especially when you consider profit that can be earned tax-free. So why not just price your house to the moon? After all, you can just bring it down later, right? Well, there are a few problems with that. If […]

Sellers: It’s Risky Pricing High to ‘See What Happens’

There is a lot of misleading and incorrect information that we read and hear about Real Estate and by default the real estate process makes everyone an armchair expert. Researching of all the information before you make your final decision is very important as it will be helpful in creating your own opinion […]

5 Myths About Real Estate

Working with a real estate agent is par for the course when buying or selling a home, so it’s good to know how they get paid for their real estate commission, what specific duties they should or shouldn’t be involved in, and their role in helping you into the home […]

What Is a Real Estate Agent’s Commission?

Using feedback effectively can change everything: Great client testimonials can bolster a reputation and set the stage for countless referrals and recommendations. Here are Fortin’s six tips for managing client feedback: 1. Provide service worth writing about. Do you want to use client feedback to gain new business? Is it […]

How to Generate (and Use) Client Feedback in 6 Easy ...

Developers of three-bedroom maisonettes have for the first time gained higher renting returns in the past one year compared with investors in two-bedroom flats and single-room houses, signalling recovery of the top-end housing segment after years of a lull. The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) data shows that rent […]

Rent increase of maisonettes overtakes two-bedroom flats