Video: Deciding Between Multiple Offers

Own It! Deciding Between Multiple Offers

It’s a great moment! The housing market is on fire in several states, and many of you may receive multiple offers on your home. Remember, your goal as a seller is to accept the ONE offer that best fits your needs. This is the time to leave emotions aside and logically weigh all offers from a realistic perspective. Choosing the best offer will be less challenging if you consider these items:

Who is presenting the best financing option? The more solid the financing, the more likely you are to have a smooth transaction. When you arrive at the closing table, you want your transaction to go off without any unexpected hiccups that can arise when buyers are not properly qualified or a lender doesn’t prove to be solid.

Terms of the Offer
Consider all details of your offer. Does the closing date complement your needs? Does the offer satisfy your asking price? Are the inclusions and exclusions ones that you are willing to accept? Perhaps the buyers are offering you full price plus closing costs but they need to close in 30 days. Another offer may give you 45-60 days to close but they are requesting you pay for closing costs. These details should be carefully considered when determining the best offer for you.

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