RE/MAX University and Training: Continuous Education in Your Real Estate Career

More often than not, individuals get into their careers and get complacent and comfortable. Though it is important to enjoy your place of work, lack of improvement in your skill-set can be a huge drawback in terms of professional development, not only in real estate.

In terms of real estate, the Kenyan real estate landscape is changing and with this change comes a great need to stay current of trends and tools that affect your business. At RE/MAX Kenya, we ensure our agents and brokers stay up to date through RE/MAX University.

Training on Demand

Listen to the industry’s best coaches, download resources and gather information anytime of the day or night through virtual streaming. Updated weekly, this site was created to help you build your business and improve the bottom line. This resource addresses the issues you need to know to stay on track.

Through online webinars, videos and the Momentum training program exclusively available to RE/MAX Kenya, our agents and brokers are able to regularly update their skills and improve on their bottom line. The RE/MAX University online training comprises of thousands of programs covering real estate, technology, leadership, skills training and business development. Also available is the opportunity to receive internationally recognized real estate accreditation.

The strength of RE/MAX online education resources is a great example that shows that at RE/MAX, “ You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself”

“The more you learn the more you earn”

Access the RE/MAX University or join RE/MAX Kenya today as an agent or broker owner!



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